Thank you to our partners for their trust and support, in the development and evolution of women in sport through mentoring and inspiring young girls and their help to alleviate food insecurity.

Winter Soccer Event

Yes She Canada pride’s itself on creating a fun and empowering environment that encourages self-confidence and ambition. It is open to girls ages 6-17 and consists of a raft of fun activities and some cool surprises. Admission is free with a contribution of a nourishment that will go to charities in partnership with Yes She Canada. The last 3 years we worked with the United Way and Knights Table and hope to continue partnerships like these to give back to the communities that need it.

Winter Soccer Event

Every year, national Team and Professional players are present and are looking to have a lasting impact on young girls. Promoting women’s soccer and transmitting it to next generations is the guiding idea. This event is filled with lots of laughs, while showing young girl’s valuable tools such as determination, goal-setting, and teamwork.

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